Memec Film in Reno Nevada USA Brothers

The Back Story


Born and raised in Reno, Nevada, Kristoffer Polaha and Marc Oakley met in elementary school, where they became fast friends and kindred spirits. When other kids were chasing basketballs, Kris and Marc chased adventures in story, fantasy and imagination.


As the years went by, these childhood friends went out into the world to find themselves. Kris took his love for acting to New York, which sparked a successful career on stage, onscreen and on page. Marc lived in Spain for a decade, where he developed a passion for writing and language.


Fast forward several years, back in Reno and during the uncertainty of the pandemic, Marc decided to push his creativity in a different direction. He wanted to write a screenplay. Naturally, he reached out to his friend Kris.


Like they had done decades before, the old friends reconnected through the very thing that had brought them together back in the 1980’s: the love of story.


That’s how MEMEC was born:


Stuck in a dead-end job and tormented by a boss with a dark past, Sam dreams of being a famous impersonator. When a mysterious woman with powerful connections demands that he incorporate a doppelganger dummy into his act, Sam’s life collides with the dark side of fame, begging the question: Who really pulls the strings?


Everything has its place and Marc and Kristoffer’s love for Northern Nevada is pivotal to this project.


The goal is to bring this story, and Kristoffer and Marc’s story, to life in the exact place that their friendship blossomed and their creativity took root: Reno, Nevada. This means that MEMEC will be filmed exclusively in Northern Nevada and will rely chiefly on local businesses, services and organizations throughout its production.


Your investment would be instrumental towards supporting the arts in Northern Nevada. Not only would it help make this dream for two kids from Reno a reality, it will inspire the storytellers of tomorrow who may be dreaming on playgrounds in your neighborhood.


Thank you for your support.